Antonio Meccanici – Molisetrekking suggests to his own guests to bring with them the following clothing and equipments for good walking tours and/or hikes:


  • Small backpack
  • Trekking poles
  • Hiking trousers to protect yourself against spiny shrubs and horseflies
  • t-shirts
  • shirts/hooded sweatshirts
  • trekking shoes (we strongly warn you not to use sneakers)
  • wind and waterproof jacket
  • gaiters
  • water bottles
  • sun hat
  • sun cream
  • plastic sandals (which could be useful for fording and for rest)
  • binoculars and camera to observe what you will be exploring on your way
  • light
  • sun glasses
  • personal medication
  • comfortable evening shoes
  • paper tissues
  • a valid document (for accommodations)


You are kindly requested to bring your luggage in a soft bag of canvas or nylon.

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