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Trails of Mainarde on snowshoes 415 €

Four snowshoes trekking days on the mountains of Mainarde to find out the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Molise mountainside of National Park.

On tracks of Samnites in Molise 125 €

Walking from Vastogirardi to Pescopennataro to find out mountains and the history of high Molise.

Trekking by the lake of Occhito 155 €

Walking from Gambatesa to Colletorto to find out the lake and hills around.

Trails of Matese on snowshoes 560 €

Four snowshoes trekking days on the mountains of Matese to find out the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Apennines.

On the wool roads of Molise 575 €

Walking from Campobasso to Larino to rediscover the road sheeps and shepherds came across during the seasons.

Up and down through mountains of Matese 615 €

Walking from Sepino to Basilica Minore dell’Addolorata (Castelpetroso) to find out one of the most amazing mountain range of Apennines: Matese.

The ancient road of transhumance in Molise 585 €

Walking from Larino to Pescopennataro to rediscover Regio Tratturo Ateleta-Biferno and hills and mountains around.

Trekking by lakes and Molise coast 500 €

  Walking from Gambatesa to Acquaviva Collecroce to find out the lakes of Occhito, Guardialfiera and the Adriatic Sea.

Into the green of high Molise 535 €

Walking from Carovilli to Agnone and enjoy the beauty of nature, food and art of high Molise.

Molise between nature and history € 490

Walking from Isernia to Pietrabbondante to experience the excellent mix between nature and history that this part of Molise offers.

In the heart of Molise 620 €

  Walking from Isernia to Campodipietra and go through the roads of Regi Tratturi and explore La Montagnola Molisana.

On shepherd’s tracks in Molise 620 €

Walking from Campobasso to San Pietro Avellana to follow tracks of ancient shepherds on the transhumant trail of Molise.

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