On shepherd’s tracks in Molise

Go through the sheep track “Cortile-Centocelle” and the Regio Tratturo “Celano-Foggia”, follow the shepherd’s traces in Molise, enjoy the ancient architecture of pastoral culture and the historical villages and towns of Molise.

Walking from Campobasso to San Pietro Avellana to follow tracks of ancient shepherds on the transhumant trail of Molise.

Historical and cultural itinerary

The old sheep and wool roads: the sheep track "Cortile-Centocelle" and the Regio Tratturo "Celano-Foggia", the most well-preserved and amazing paths, with architectural and religious elements of pastoral culture, through castles, churches, votive chapels, villa, stone signs and typical zero miles food.

Rural life and wild places

The green roads never end, they twist and turn through fields, farm-houses and isolated areas. Enjoy the awe-inspiring view and explore the 50 meters long roads filled with different colours. The itinerary is also an opportunity to lose yourself in the most precious places of Molise: the reserves protected by UNESCO of Collemuccio and Montedimezzo.

Amazing historical towns

Visit the picturesque and inviting medieval towns of Campobasso, Ripabottoni, Castelbottaccio, Salcito, Pietrabbondante and Castel del Giudice. Surrounded by a unique nature, the towns will enhance the journey thanks to their castles, buildings, churches, fountains and more.

Archaeological sites

There are different archaelogical sites along the way: from the rock areas of Morgia Pietra Martino and Pietravalle to the Hellenistic-Samnite temple and theatre of Pietrabbondante, heading towards the monastery of Sant’Angelo in Altissimo.

Delicious foods and beverages

The journey is enriched by the excellent traditional cuisine of Molise and its excellent drinks. Typical products and traditional dishes, often handmade and old-fashioned, cheer up the evenings of walkers. You can taste cheeses such as caciocavallo, pecorino, burrata, manteca and others; cured meats like soppressata, ventricina, capicollo, rolled up ventresca, etc.; white and black truffles. You can drink Moscato white wine and Tintilia red wine.

Folklore and local music

During the rest, you can attend performances of folklore and traditional music typical of the rural and pastoral Molise’s culture and you can visit a farmhouse with zero miles food products.


First day Campobasso

Arrival and welcome aperitif. Accommodation and briefing of the journey. Dinner at restaurant and night tour in the historical centre. Night in B&B.

Second day From Taverna del Cortile (Ripalimosani) to Villa di Centocelle (Sant'Elia Pianisi)

From Taverna del Cortile we'll follow what remains of shepherd tracks Braccio tratturale Cortile-Centocelle. In a few steps we'll immerse ourself in the silence of the Molise countryside. We'll go along the medieval village of Matrice, visit the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria della Strada and go up to the Campolieto pass. We still walk towards the hill of Femmina Morta (898 meters s.l.m.), to then descend towards the beautiful and very elegant Villa di Centocelle. Transfer by car to Ripabottoni. Packed lunch. Dinner at restaurant. Night in B&B or guesthouse.

Technical features of the journey
Duration: 4/5 hours.
Lenght of the trek: 21.3 km.
Difference in height (up): +523 metres.
Difference in height (down): -484 metres.
Difficulty: medium.

Third day From Ripabottoni to Castelbottaccio

We’ll enter the Valle del Biferno, heading towards the riverbed. Then, we’ll going up to the opposite side, to the small village of Castelbottaccio. We’ll be walking through deeply natural and green environments, often isolated, and we’ll meet some farmhouses. Transfer by car from the Tratturo (the old shepherd’s track) to the farmhouse or village. Lunch at bar. Dinner at farmhouse. Night in farmhouse or guesthouse.

Technical features of the journey
Duration: 4/5 hours.
Lenght of the trek: 14.7 km.
Difference in height (up): +622 metres.
Difference in height (down): -650 metres.
Difficulty: medium.

Fourth day From Castelbottaccio to Salcito

Transfer by car from the farmhouse or village to the Tratturo (the old shepherd’s track). We’ll climb the Colle Marasca (924 m), where you can see the awe-inspiring Regio Tratturo with its natural large dimensions of almost one hundred meters. We’ll go down towards the wild small valley of torrente Rivo, where we’ll admire the great buttresses of Pietra-Fenda, Pietralumanna and Pietra Martino, and we’ll go up and down towards Salcito. Transfer by car from Tratturo to the accommodation and then to restaurant. Packed lunch. Dinner at farmhouse, where we’ll visit the suggestive buttress of Pietravalle. Night in B&B.

Technical features of the journey
Duration: 4/5 hours.
Lenght of the trek: 18 km.
Difference in height (up): +695 metres.
Difference in height (down): -661 metres.
Difficulty: medium.

Fifth day From Salcito to Pietrabbondante

Transfer by car from the accommodation to the Tratturo. We’ll go down to the valley of Trigno, surrounded by the beautiful views on the high Molise, on the south of Abruzzo and the villages of Salcito and Bagnoli del Trigno. Before arriving to the riverbed, we’ll go along the medieval tower of San Bartolomeo. Near the Trigno’s riverbed we can see the ruins of Taverna di Sprondasino (XVI century). Then we’ll go up to the other side of the valley, walking on Casino del Duca, an elegant architectural example of the transhumance culture, and along some old sources located in "Case Frasso" and "Arco". Transfer by car from Tratturo to the important archaeological site of Pietrabbondante and then to the village and restaurant. Packed lunch. Dinner at restaurant. Night in B&B or guesthouse.

Technical features of the journey
Duration: 4/5 hours.
Lenght of the trek: 13.5 km.
Difference in height (up): +696 metres.
Difference in height (down): -514 metres.
Difficulty: challenging.

Sixth day From Piano San Mauro (Carovilli) to San Pietro Avellana

Transfer by car from Pietrabbodante to Piano San Mauro. We’ll be going along the great UNESCO reserve of Collemuccio. Once we passed again through Trigno river, we’ll cross “Piano San Mauro” and we’ll go up to “Colle Riposi” (1098 m). The view on Mainarde mountains, the village of Carovilli and the Molise “pentro” is wonderful. First, we’ll go along “Colle Taverna” (1009 m) and then “Monte Pizzi” (1373 m), a suggestive mountain with small stone peaks. After having passed through the small community of Cerreto (Vastogirardi), we’ll be walking in the wood of Monte di Mezzo, an other UNESCO reserve. It is impressive what remains of the sample called "re Fajone" (a centuries-old beech tree no longer alive). Beyond the reserve, we’ll reach the Santilli furnace (an example of industrial archaeology) and then we’ll arrive in San Pietro Avellana. Transfer by car to Castel del Giudice. Lunch at farmhouse. Packed lunch. Night in “restored house for tourism”.

Technical features of the journey
Duration: 4/5 hours.
Lenght of the trek: 18.2 km.
Difference in height (up): +581 metres.
Difference in height (down): -334 metres.
Difficulty: medium.

Seventh day From Castel del Giudice to Isernia

Time to say goodbye and go back. After breakfast, transfer by car from Castel del Giudice to Isernia to get the train or bus.

On shepherd's tracks in Molise Summing-up

- the shepherd’s track of Cortile-Centocelle and Regio Tratturo Celano-Foggia, historical and cultural assets as an example of centuries of transhumance;
- rural and solitary areas of Molise;
- the itinerant life of a shepherd in Molise;
- architectural examples of the transhumant culture;
- rock settlements of the Middle Ages and the theatre-temple of Pietrabbondante;
- the stunning overviews on Molise, on southern Abruzzo, Apulia and northern Campania;
- high naturalistic environments, shown in the Sites of Community Importance (S.I.C.) and in the two protected areas by UNESCO;
- villages and towns of Molise;
- local folklore;
- traditional regional cuisine;
- zero miles food;
- a cosy and familial place;
- an expert guide always with you

Period: from April to the first half of June and from September to October.
Duration: 5 walking days involving 4 to 5 hours of walk per day, 6 nights, 7 days overall
Length of the itinerary: 85.7 km.
Total height difference, uphill: +3117 metri.
Total height difference, downhill: -2643 metri.
Difficulty: medium.
Destination: from Taverna del Cortile (Ripalimosani) to San Pietro Avellana.
Guide: Antonio Meccanici.
Typology: from hill to mountain.
Features: itinerant; cultural and historical; folkloristic; natural; food and wine.
Accommodation: bed and breakfast, agriturismo (farmhouse), guest house, hotel and "restored house for tourism" (albergo diffuso).
Where to eat: restaurant, trattoria and agriturismo (farmhouse).
Group size: from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 12 people.

Price: starting from 620 €, per person in a group of 12 people.

The trip can be activated if you are part of a group that goes from a minimum of four to a maximum of twelve, with the technical contribution of one of the tour operators affiliated with us.

Difficulty level (sbjective)
Medium out of five categories (Easy, Moderate, Medium, Challenging, Difficult): 4 to 5 hours walking tour per day (2 hours and half rest-times, not included), for a total length of 85.7 km (to do in five days). Crossing a hilly and first mountain landscape, there are many climbs and descents. Few steps are flat. As a daily average, the total uphill and downhill height differences are about 600 meters, but few are really challenging steps. The trekking is accessible to everyone, even if you need to be trained for walking. Cortile-Centocelle and Regio Tratturo Celano-Foggia are not technical routes and do not present particular difficulties. The journey is on foot and is itinerant. Short trips are by car. The overnight stays are comfortable.

Prices shown here are intended per person.

Prices include
Price includes the following services:
- travel planning;
- all breakfasts, lunches, aperitifs and dinners;
- all nights in twin rooms (for single rooms an additional of 80 € is required);
- nature and walking guide;
- insurance;
- luggage transport and transfer during the seven (7) days in Molise;
- tax stamp;
- tickets to archaelogical areas or museums;
- extra.

Price will not include
Services not provided:
- trip to Molise, with any transport, and to the way back;
- any services not described.

A lot of partner accomodations are small, with few rooms and few beds. For this reason, “Molisetrekking” needed to be associated with second lodgings for its customer.
It could happen that all first partner accommodation will be booked with few reservations. Therefore, groups will not sleep in the same place.
All accommodation can provide single or twin or double rooms.
Accommodation will be reserved according to the chronological order of trip bookings. The one who books the trip will get first partner accommodation. Once accommodation will be full, second partner accommodation will be booked.- IF YOU COME IN ITALY BY PLAN, YOU CAN GET TO MOLISE BY TRAIN OR BY BUS OR BY CAR. THE MEETING PLACE FOR THIS HOLIDAY IS CAMPOBASSO.

Calendar 2020

from 2 to 12from 9 to 15 may 20207 days starting from 620 € (for 7 days)Available
from 2 to 12from 19 to 25 september 20207 daysstarting from 620 € (for 7 days)Available
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