Trekking by the lake of Occhito

Two walking days to find out a part of the Fortore river valley. In this stretch, the great water course gives life is one of the largest artificial lakes in Italy, the one of Occhito. Besides enjoying the lake as a place for rest and frequentation of many birds and mammals, we will walk to discover the rural and pastoral culture that set pre-Apennine hills and the historical-cultural-architectural heritage of Gambatesa, Macchia Valfortore and Colletorto apart.

Walking from Gambatesa to Colletorto to find out the lake and hills around.

Rural landscapes

The area of the large lake basin is set in a silent hilly area characterized by a distinct rurality: it is common to meet flocks of sheeps or herds of grazing cows; often we walk among vineyards, olive groves and cultivated fields; there are many farms (country houses) where we come across.

The historical-cultural-architectural heritage

The historical and cultural heritage you admire in this small path is outstanding: the amazing castle of Capua in Gambatesa; the historic center of the same small village; the characteristic village of Macchia Valfortore, with the baronial palace and the tufaceous cavities; the beautiful village of Colletorto, with its characteristic angiona tower; the samples of transhumant pastoralism; the archaeological remains of the populations that lived here in the past.

The lake

The stretch of water enhances the value of hilly areas, blending perfectly into the landscape, which presents small woods of oaks, downy oaks and evergreens, as well as white rocks sometimes overhanging the water.

Time to relax

During the rest, you can taste the delicious local cuisine and attend a lab about how to make cheese. You will enjoy a cosy and familiar atmosphere with the tour guide always with you.


First day From Gambatesa to the farmhouse Horse's Ranch La Foresta (Macchia Valfortore).

Once plunged into Renaissance by visiting the castle of Gambatesa and walked in the historic center of the village, we will go through the valley below, until meeting one of the example of transhumance streets: Regio Tratturo Castel di Sangro-Lucera. Then, we take a path that runs along and then rises and descends from Colle della Putina. Near the end of the descent we will find the lake of Occhito, by walking along the paths around it, until getting to the farmhouse Horse's Ranch La Foresta. Picnic. Visit of Macchia Valfortore. Dinner and night in a farmhouse.

Technical features of the journey
Duration: 4/5 hours.
Lenght of the trek: 22.1 km.
Total difference in height (up): +729 metres.
Total difference in height (down): -943 metres.
Difficulty: easy.

Second day From the farmhouse Horse's Ranch La Foresta (Macchia Valfortore) to Colletorto.

By keep going on the lakeside path, gently climbing up and down along the various hills shaped by nature. Once arrived at the creek and passed the largest tributary of the lake basin, step by step we will get closer to the barrier that gives life to the body of water. Afterwards, we will reach more and more altitude, and we admire the lake and the hills all around. Among cultivated fields, afforestation and new perspectives, we arrive at Colletorto, and then visit its historical center.

Technical features of the journey
Duration: 4/5 hours.
Lenght of the trek: 14.7 km.
Total difference in height (up): +686 metres.
Total difference in height (down): -387 metres.
Difficulty: easy.

Trekking by the lake of Occhito Summing-up

- hills and lakes environments;
- a strong rurality of this part of Molise;
- small villages and their artistic heritage;
- cultural examples of transhumance and of farm tradition;
- local folklore;
- farmhouses and traditional regional cuisine;
- zero miles food;
- a cosy and familial place;
- an expert guide always with you.

Periods: 7 and 8 december 2019; 21 and 22 december 2019.
Duration: 2 walking days involving 4 to 5 hours of walk per day, 1 night
Length of the itinerary: 31.8 km.
Total height difference, uphill: +1415 metri.
Total height difference, downhill: -1330 metri.
Difficulty: easy.
Destination: from Gambatesa to Colletorto.
Guide: Antonio Meccanici.
Typology:hill path.
Features: itinerant; cultural and historical; folkloristic; natural; food and wine.
Accommodation: farmhouse.
Where to eat: farmhouse.
Group size: from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 12 people.

Price: starting from 155 € (for 2 days).

The trip can be activated if you are part of a group that goes from a minimum of two to a maximum of twelve, with the technical contribution of one of the tour operators affiliated with us.

Difficulty level (subjective)
Easy (out of five categories: Easy, Moderate, Medium, Challenging, Difficult): few challenging ascents and descents and many easy stretches. The total daily height differences, even if they exceed 500 meters - uphill, once downhill - are spread over many kilometers and do not have steep slopes. The trekking is accessible to everyone, even if you need to be trained for walking in the hills (continuous ups and downs). The paths are not technical paths and are not particularly difficult. The journey is on foot and is itinerant. Short trips by car. The overnight stays are comfortable.

Prices shown here are intended per person.

Prices include
Price includes the following services:
- travel planning;
- breakfasts, lunches and dinners;
- night in twin rooms;
- nature and walking guide;
- insurance;
- luggage transport and transfer during the two (2) days in Molise;
- tax stamp;
- tickets to castle di Capua;
- extras.

Price will not include
Services not provided:
- trip from the own residence, with any transport, to and from Molise;
- any service not described.

Tour planned with the technical contribution of ViaggieMiraggi. If you desire to choose this tour you need to book it through the following website: www.viaggiemiraggi.org .

Lodging bookings: case histories and method
A lot of partner accomodations are small, with few rooms and few beds. For this reason, “Molisetrekking” needed to be associated with second lodgings for its customer.
It could happen that all first partner accommodation will be booked with few reservations. Therefore, groups will not sleep in the same place.
All accommodation can provide single or twin or double rooms.
Accommodation will be reserved according to the chronological order of trip bookings. The one who books the trip will get first partner accommodation. Once accommodation will be full, second partner accommodation will be booked.

Calendar 2018/2019

from 2 to 12from 7 to 8 december 20192 daysstarting from 155 € (for 2 days)Available
from 2 to 12from 21 to 22 december 20192 daysstarting from 155 € (for 2 days)Available
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