Trails of Matese on snowshoes

The tour “Trails of Matese on snowshoes” gives the chance to experience a high-quality naturalistic, historical-cultural, architectural and enogastronomic holiday. Starting from farmhouse close Sepino, we move along the major natural and historical-artistic reality of Matese moutains, alternately by snowshoes trekking and walking tour.

Four snowshoes trekking days on the mountains of Matese to find out the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Apennines.

Amazing historical towns

Suggestive atmospheres in the medieval historical centers of Sepino, Roccamandolfi and Termoli, with their examples of artistic beauty with palaces, churches, fountains, crossroads, gardens and more.

Historical-cultural itinerary

Roman city of Saepinum and Samnite one of Saipins, Italic temple and then the medieval church of San Pietro dei Cantoni, the Regio Tratturo Pescasseroli-Candela, example of endless transhumances, the places of the apparition of Madonna Addolorata and of Cristo Morto near Castelpetroso.

Wild and untouched nature

Mountains of Matese are one of the most beautiful Apennine chains in central and southern Italy. The great lush nature gives life to a single Site of Community Importance (S.I.C.) of the Natura2000 network. Wide and panoramic sceneries are followed by awe-inspiring beech woods, caves, lakes, gorges, rocky environments and peaks from which you can see Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas at the same time.

Delicious food and excellent drinks

The journey is enriched by the excellent traditional cuisine of Molise and its excellent drinks. Typical products and traditional dishes, often handmade and old-fashioned, cheer up the evenings of walkers. You can taste cheeses such as caciocavallo, pecorino, burrata, manteca and others; cured meats like soppressata, ventricina, capicollo, rolled up ventresca, etc.; white and black truffles. You can drink Moscato white wine and Tintilia red wine.

Meaningful moments

While taking a rest, we meet significant people, who spend a lot for a better Molise, which struggles, resists and exists. The journey, moreover, is characterized by a cosy and familiar atmosphere and by the guide always with you.


First day Sepino

Arrival at Sepino and welcome aperitif. Accommodation and explanation of the journey. Dinner and night in farmhouse.

Second day Snowshoes trekking/excursion from Campitello Matese to Pianelle, through Serra le Tre Finestre and the hermitage of Sant’Egidio.

Located in one of the largest plains of Matese and surrounded by peaks and woods, the ski resort of Campitello Matese develops with several kilometers of slopes on Monte Miletto (2050 meters above sea level), Colle del Caprio (1800 meters above sea level) and Colle del Monaco (1708 meters above sea level). Moving away from alpine ski slopes, you are soaked in a soundless nature, between high altitude grasslands and beech woods. Snowshoes trekking goes through the Wood of Campitello, characteristic beech wood with fair-sized examples, until reaching the top of Serra le Tre Finestre (1731 meters above sea level), from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the rest of Sannita Apennines and hills of central Molise. Fully enjoyed the view, we descend on the northern side of Serra le Tre Finestre, to reach Monte Acerone (1594 meters above sea level) and enter the Monte Acerone Woods, another beech forest with large size of magnificent beech trees and evocative environments. Then we come first to the beautiful hermitage of Sant'Egidio (IX century) and then to Pianelle, crossing another beautiful beechwood (Bosco Pianelle), between panoramic balconies and steep valleys. Picnic. Dinner and night in cottage.

Technical features of the journey
Duration: 4/5 hours.
Lenght of the trek: 12 km.
Total difference in height (up): +972 metres.
Total difference in height (down): -1180 metres.
Difficulty: medium.

Third day Snowshoes trekking/excursion Sella del Perrone-Campitello Matese: a wonderful nature!

It develops on the northeastern side of Matese with panoramic views of the major peaks: Monte Miletto (2050 meters above sea level), Monte La Gallinola (1923 meters above sea level), Monte Mutria (1823 meters above sea level) and Serra le Tre Finestre (1736 meters above sea level). We are on the border between Molise and Campania. It is a wild and solitary place, rich in luxuriant beech-woods, with amazing panoramic balconies on the peakes of Matese and on a large and fascinating karst lake, the lake of Matese. What will give greater emphasis to snowshoes trekking are the deep abysses of Pozzo della Neve (-1048 meters depth and over 8000 meters of development) and Cul di Bove (-913 meters depth and 3900 meters of development), large caves born from water erosion and very famous in the speleological field. Picnic. Dinner in farmhouse and night in cottage.

Technical features of the journey
Duration: 4/5 hours.
Lenght of the trek: 15 km.
Total difference in height (up): +320 metres.
Total difference in height (down): -310 metres.
Difficulty: easy.

Fourth day Excursion over the centuries: visit of Saipins, Conventino, San Pietro di Cantoni, Saepinum and Sepino.

Welcomed by the first gentle hills of Matese, we walk through the rich history of a small town in Molise: Sepino. Starting from Regio Tratturo “Pescasseroli-Candela”, old tracks for the transhumance of sheep and shepherds in the South Italy, we were welcomed by the magnificent Roman city of Saepinum (a foundation of the 2nd century BC and maximum splendor in the Augustan age, between the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD). A real archaeological jewel, the Roman city has the classic urban layout with decumanus (still paved) and cardo, the entire city walls to delimit the boundaries, four monumental doors, the theater, the baths, the forum, the basilica, the campus complex -piscina-porticus, the macellum, two neighborhoods of housing and much more. Once you have climbed the first hills, we arrive at the Samnite temple and then the Christian cult area of San Pietro di Cantoni. Between phases of frequentation and phases of abandonment, the Samnite temple dates back to the 4th century BC. and is dedicated to the goddess Mefite, protector of fertility. Instead, the Christian church refers to the fourth century AD. Along the ascent we find the ruins of Conventino of Santa Maria degli Angeli, a small nineteenth-century Franciscan monastery. Even more towards the hills we visit the Samnite village of Saipins, in Terravecchia, at 953 meters above sea level, we visit the ruins of the pre-Roman city (4th century BC), with a double defensive wall made of large boulders and three small doors: Matese seating area, the door of the Acropolis and the one of Tratturo. Once arrived on the top of the hill, we go down until the lovely medieval village of Sepino, still inhabited and then until the Regio Tratturo. Picnic. Dinner and night in cottage.

Technical features of the journey
Duration: 4/5 hours.
Lenght of the trek: 18 km.
Total difference in height (up): +700 metres.
Total difference in height (down): -700 metres.
Difficulty: easy.

Fifth day Snowshoes trekking from Roccamandolfi to Basilica Minore dell’Addolorata di Castelpetroso.

A challenging snowshoes trekking in the westernmost point of the north-eastern slope of Matese chain. Starting from the lovely village of Roccamandolfi, characterized by many tales about the phenomenon of the Brigands and the ruins of a remarkable castle, we cross the canyon of the river Callora, and then climb on Colle di Mezzo (1426 meters above sea level) and on the Difenzola (1398 meters) above sea level), two panoramic balconies from which we can admire the mountains of Monte Miletto and the peaks of the Lazio-Molise chain of Mainarde, as well as a beautiful slice of the remaining Molise. Then, along Monte Patalecchia (1400 meters above sea level), we arrive first on the sites of the apparition, in 1888, of Madonna Addolorata and of Cristo Morto to some pastors of a tiny Molise village, Castelpetroso, and then to the fascinating Basilica Minore dell’Addolorata , a structure with a charming neogothic profile. Picnic. Dinner and night in cottage.

Technical features of the journey
Duration: 4/5 hours.
Lenght of the trek: 15.8 km.
Total difference in height (up): +952 metres.
Total difference in height (down): -983 metres.
Difficulty: challenging.

Sixth day A day of relax at the beach of Termoli, visit of the town and departure.

Embraced by the relaxing breaking of the waves, we dive into the small but lovely historical center of Termoli, located on a rocky spur close to the Adriatic Sea. Between the characteristic Svevo castle, the elegant Romanesque cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria della Purificazione, the beautiful promenade of Montecastello, the wide openings and the tiny lanes (a really characterizing one is the tiny alley called ‘rejecellelle’ in dialect), we can enjoy some relax after excursions of the past days. In addition, in the small walk of the trabocchi - wooden stilts built on the rock and overlooking the sea – we come into contact with these machines suitable for fishing. Typical of the southern Molise and Abruzzese coast, the trabocchi particularly characterize this part of the Adriatic coast.

Trails of Matese on snowshoes Summing-up

- the atmosphere of Monti del Matese, with its lush nature and breath-taking landscapes that give life to Site of Community Importance (S.I.C.);
- the deepest Italian caves;
- roman town of Saepinum and the Samnites archeological areas of San Pietro dei Cantoni and Terravecchia;
- the amazing neogothic sanctuary of Castelpetroso and the place of apparition of Vergine Maria and Cristo Morto;
- the places of brigandage;
- the small mountain villages;
- local folklore;
- traditional regional cuisine;
- zero miles food;
- a cosy and familial place;
- an expert guide always with you.

Period: from dicember to march.
Duration: 4 walking days involving 4 to 5 hours of walk per day, 5 nights, 6 days overall
Length of the itinerary: 61 km.
Total height difference, uphill: +2944 metri.
Total height difference, downhill: -3173 metri.
Difficulty: moderate.
Destination: Sepino, Monti del Matese and Termoli.
Guide: Antonio Meccanici.
Typology: mountain in a snowy environment.
Features: cultural and historical; folkloristic; natural; food and wine.
Accommodation: bed and breakfast.
Where to eat: farmhouse.
Group size: from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 12 people.

Price: starting from 560 € per person, in a group of 12 people.

The trip can be activated if you are part of a group that goes from a minimum of two to a maximum of twelve, with the technical contribution of one of the tour operators affiliated with us.

Difficulty level (subjective)
Moderate (out of five categories: Easy, Moderate, Medium, Challenging, Difficult): 4 to 5 hours walking tour per day ( 2 hours and half rest-times, not included). A few moderate uphills. Many downhills and plateau walks. The trail contains a mix of steep uphill and plateau walks. In two days out of four the total uphill and downhill height differences are about or slightly exceed 1000 meters. The remaining two days they not exceed the total 500 meters, both downhill and uphill. The routes do not present any technical difficulty (use of mountaineering equipment). Snowshoes trekkings are suitable to everybody, though you need to be trained for mountain walking and on the snow (if any). Snowshoes trekkings are on foot. Fixed and same place for the overnight. Short trips are by car. Overnights are comfortable.

Prices shown here are intended per person.

Prices include
Price includes the following services:
- travel planning;
- welcome aperitif, all breakfasts, lunches and dinners;
- all nights in twin rooms (for single rooms you have to add 50 €);
- nature and walking guide;
- insurance;
- luggage transport and transfer during the six (6) days in Molise;
- tax stamp;
- snowshoes rental;
- extra.

Price will not include
Services not provided:
- trip from the own residence, with any transport, to and from Molise;
- any service not described.

Lodging bookings: case histories and method
A lot of partner accomodations are small, with few rooms and few beds. For this reason, “Molisetrekking” needed to be associated with second lodgings for its customer.
It could happen that all first partner accommodation will be booked with few reservations. Therefore, groups will not sleep in the same place.
All accommodation can provide single or twin or double rooms.
Accommodation will be reserved according to the chronological order of trip bookings. The one who books the trip will get first partner accommodation. Once accommodation will be full, second partner accommodation will be booked.


Calendar 2019

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