Molisetrekking’s travelers will have the pleasure to go with a professional guide who deeply knows Molise, its nature, history, landscapes and culture.

My name is Antonio Meccanici

I was born in Campobasso in 1983, where I lived for the most part of my life. Since I was a child, I have a strong passion for nature, thanks to my grandparents, both farmers, and to my parents. As a teenager, I started to learn more about Molise, taking part in a big and young Italian association where I experienced a lot through nature for eighteen years.

Other passions are walking and history. The first one has always been a part of me, enough to become a work. The second one was the subject of my studies at university. I like to convey all I have learned about Molise to anyone I have the pleasure to go walking with.

Why walking with Molise Trekking?

To experience an high-quality holiday in a cosy and friendly atmosphere. To feel untouched nature. To admire breath-taking landscapes. To enjoy the silence and the loneliness along paths and shepherd’s tracks. To find out about the rural life, to the most of us unknown. To contemplate what is left of transhumance culture and farm life.

To taste traditional cuisine of Molise and, more generally, of Italy. To eat zero miles and home cooked food. To learn about a rich and unexpected folklore. Because you will always go together with the guide. To discover an unknown Italian spot. To bring back a unique experience at home.

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